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- Single Origin ( i.e. from our own organic fields in rich forest areas of Western Ghats in Karnataka ). Habitat plays an important role in ensuring product efficacy/ effectiveness and we see to it that this point is considered in whatever we cultivate.

- Our Ginger is a single variety Ginger (not commercial variety). It is the "authentic & original" version of the past which used to be cultivated by our ancestors. [ Note :- Though recommended and most preferred for Ayurveda, people do not cultivate it due to low yield which does not make it commercially viable. ]

- Deskinned, Dried & Stone Ground.

- Proven effective for relief  from  constipation / poor  digestion,  congestion caused due to cough, acute pain due to poor gut health etc.  A listed superfood for healthy lungs especially in cold winters. Being adaptogen-rich, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral, it assists in removing toxins from the respiratory tract while protecting the lungs from inflammation. Visit our website to know more about this product & its benefits

- 40 gm quantity is sufficient to prepare 15 to 20 cups of Ginger Tea. Our recommendation is to consume half a spoon or less per cup of tea. 

- We wash, dry and debacterize the jar before filling in the product. Our glass jar(s) are FSSC 22000 certified.


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Why Dry Ginger?

Dry Ginger balances Vata and the drying process enhances digestive properties of ginger. Further the nutrient content gets concentrated by drying ginger while the flavour as well as aroma is enhanced. Gingerol is the primary bioactive compound responsible for ginger's anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties and it's concentration is higher in dried ginger.

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