Kokum butter

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- Natural Kokum Butter (KB) is obtained from the mature seeds of Garcinia Indica fruit. It is one of the most structurally and chemically stable plant butters available with a very high symmetrical SOS content (above 80%) as reported.

- Pure, Raw and Organic ( unrefined ). It is Non-Comedogenic, an excellent emollient and has pleasant aroma.

- Given it’s edible, medicinal and cosmetic value, it can be used as part of daily routine for any of the purpose ( i.e. to fix small intestine issues, to improve gut health, to address dry / itchy skin issues, to heal cracks, as a moisturizer etc.) and has proven effective based on customer feedback.

- We are manufacturers of Kokum butter and offer it in 2 forms i.e. “solids” and "blocks" to meet the requirements of our valued customers. Our kokum butter undergoes 3 levels of filtration ( macro to micro ) while being prepared under high standards of hygiene.

- Traditionally Kokum Butter has been known in coastal India( Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra ) for it’s culinary value in the form of ghee(cooking butter).

- We wash, dry and debacterize the jar before filling in the product. Our glass jar(s) are FSSC 22000 certified.  

- Visit our website to know more about this product.

- Price per Block.: The block weight will vary  10 - 15% considering the natural properties of the product.

[ Note :- As of today, Kokum Butter is being widely used by leading manufacturers / brands ( domestic & international ) falling under personal care/ health care, pharmaceutical and confectionary industry ].



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