Kokum Juice Concentrate ( Yellow Indica ) With Sugarcane Syrup

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- An aqueous extract of Kokum fruit ( yellow colored Garcinia indica ). Our method of juice extraction is sunlight driven and it is the only method to extract juice which helps to achieve medicinal efficacy. [ Note: We do not crush or squeeze or boil pulp to increase juice volume. ]

- Kokum fruit comes in 3 colors ( i.e. red, yellow and reddish pink ). Of these 3 fruits, yellow-colored fruit which is rare has been considered as a "medicinal + nutrition" fruit from generations in the Konkan part of India.

- It is free from any salt, additives, preservatives, thickeners, artificial colors, artificial flavors with it's natural flavor and taste intact. 100% Pure Juice.

- It is low in calories, rich in dietary fibres, a strong anti-oxidant and has a high nutraceutical value.

- Contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and Garcinol.

- This product is in the market from a year and it has proven to be very effective for acidity / stomach issues as reported by customers. It is an excellent coolant, a cardiotonic ( i.e. strengthens the cardiovascular system while keeping heart healthy ) and does also safeguard the liver.

- Organically cultivated fruit. Habitat plays an important role in ensuring product efficacy/ effectiveness and we see to it that this point is considered in whatever we cultivate or source.

- Visit our website to know more about this product, ways to consume & its  benefits

- We wash, dry and debacterize the jar before filling in the product. Our glass jar(s) are FSSC 22000 certified.

- This version of Kokum juice is for people who are diabetic and also have issues related to digestion, acidity, liver health etc.



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